We are...

A team of cyclists who love cycling. Cycle to work and Weekend cycling trips are something we never miss. One fine day, after a long ride, we realized that after every ride, we have felt contented, happy and relaxed. Every time we went on cycling, we returned back with a smile on face.


This happiness is the reason we started PedalSaddle.

We aim to bring a smile on your face and give you and your friends memories to cherish for life!

Oh Wait!! Did we mention that we will take you down  your childhood memory lane!


When we were growing up, bicycles played an important part in our life. It helped us get mother’s groceries, reach school, carry sports accessories to the playground and having fun in beating friends for an imaginary finish line.

You must have your share of such interesting moments. Relive those memories with PedalSaddle and help us achieve smile on your face 🙂 

Cycles for rental

We are a one-stop-shop for all type of mountain, road and  hybrid cycles with high end branded cycles from Btwin,Montra, Suncross.

Need cycles for a day, week, month or hundreds of cycles for corporate events - we got you covered.

We are always at front foot to provide an excellent service according to your needs and demand at a fair price starting just INR5/Hour.

Initiative by PedalSaddle

Cycle To Work

Most of the employed people are doing a 9-6 job. Sitting at desk all day is not good for health. As per a survey it may lead to depression, back pain, obesity etc.

People are too exhausted to take part in any outdoor activity. They want to take rest on weekends as they have worked hard whole week.

So, here's an idea! Why not cycle to work! 

Good for health, exercise on the go, no carbon foot print, avoid huge traffic and reach office faster!

To promote the initiative, we provide 20% OFF  when rider Cycle To Work with PedalSaddle.