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Dictionary :

CyCelfie -


noun informal

a photograph that one has taken of oneself with travel companion typically cycle, taken with a smartphone or webcam and shared via social media.

Challenge Agenda :

I am a cyclist who cycle to work everyday for 5 KMs. I observed a cyclist never gets an adequate space on road. A cyclist is always fearful of motor-vehicles hitting him/her.

The other challenge today is mindset which thinks riding a cycle is for poor. Due to these reasons, a lot of people do not want to ditch carbon footprints and are not embracing this beautiful transport. 

The Agenda of this challenge is to change these mindsets. Let's together encourage the world that cycling is a great sport available for everyone, is safe for earth, protects environment and is the future.

About Challenge :

Post cycelfie on social media channels -  Facebook,Instagram,Twitter, Whatsapp.

The post write up can either be your inspirational story encouraging your friends to cycle OR it can be a message related to Challenge Agenda.

The pic doesn't necessarily need to be a selfie. It can be pic of you(Riding/Posing) with your cycle. Make it as creative and motivational as you can. Every one has a story to tell - this is the challenge where you can shout out loud,reach and inspire many people along.

Do not forget to use hashtags and tags :  #CyCelfieWithPedalSaddle,#ChangingMindset, #ProudCyclist, #gogreen, #PedalSaddle  and tag @pedalsaddle.in (fb)/ @pedalsaddle (instagram) in your posts . Otherwise post will not be considered.

Note : One participant can post upto 25 posts for 2 weeks with necessary hashtags to be considered as winner.

Winning Pedals:

Challengers with maximum Pedals will be the winners.

Total Pedals Formula : Sum of all Pedals of all posts on Fb +Insta+Twitter. 

1 Like on Facebook = 2 Pedals

1 Like on Instagram = 2 Pedals

1 Tweet on Tweeter = 1 Pedal

1 Like on Tweeter = 3 Pedals 

Nominating Friends on Facebook = 5 Pedals if done via post(There is no limit to nominations), 1 Point if done in comment section.

How to nominate : I challenge {Tag person here} to take up #CyCelfieWithPedalSaddle challenge for bringing the cycling revolution in country and be part of the PedalSaddle Movement.

Pic Creativity/Uniqueness/Amazing Factor = 10 Pedals

Motivational write up with post = 15 Pedals

Event Timeline:

Challengers can register till 28 April. After registering, challenger can start posting and engaging their friends right away to maximize their reach. 

The challenge ends on 6 May.  


The Winner gets:

  • Amazon gift card worth Rs 2000/- or (Btwin Helmet + gift card worth Rs 1000/-) 
  • Rental Discount of 20% to winner and friends : For an Year(Promo code will be shared in email) 
  • Rs 1000/- cashback on new bicycle purchase from PedalSaddle. 
  • Free Registration in Biggest PedalSaddle H2O contest launching soon.

The runner up gets:

  • Amazon gift card worth Rs 500/-
  • Rental Discount of 10% to runner up and friends : For an Year(Promo code will be shared in email) 
  • Rs 500/- cashback on new bicycle purchase from PedalSaddle
  • Free Registration in Biggest PedalSaddle H2O contest launching soon.

Registration :

Fees = Rs 0/-

Register now for The CyCelfie Challenge: